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ADROMISCHUS ALSTONII (Schönl. & Baker f.) C.A. Smith
(Synonyms: pulchellus Hutchison, subrubellus Poelln., triebneri Poelln. Common name: bulbees)
Section: 1 Adromischus

Habitat Distribution Map

S. Namibia, Richtersveld, Namaqualand and W. Bushmanland.

A large species with stout stems and flat leaves.
Markings and leaf size are very variable, so try growing more than one sample.

Give full sunshine to redden any markings.

Cut long branches off and re-root to avoid unsightly stems. 

The largest forms are in the mountains of southern Namibia, where leaves can be up to 10 cm. long.

There is a distinctive coastal, plain, grey-green western form, with a short inflorescence and deep purple flowers.

At high altitude in the Khamiesberg and into Bushmanland, another small form  (called A. pulchellus in the past) can also be distinguished.

Adromischus alstonii
Looking lovely in the rain, a well spotted A. alstonii growing W. Springbok.

Adromischus alstonii
A large, unmarked form of A. alstonii, Jenkinskop, in the central
Richtersveld. Photos: Chris Rodgerson.

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