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This page lists new additions and changes to this Adromischus Displayed site:

8 Jul 2018 Whole site moved from to Broken external links repaired where possible, but pages of links about plants in general, southern Africa and software tools removed entirely. Links added for Facebook Adromischus groups and Chris Rodgerson's Adromischus Gallery. No new content about plants.
12 Jan 2008 More pixels - species pages upgraded with new larger photos, thanks to generous friends. Distribution maps revised, based upon herbarium data and field observations.
Mimics galore! At it's northern limit, a new
subspecies of A. schuldtianus mimics A. marianiae, while a rediscovered form of  A. marianiae mimics A. filicaulisScope of A. schuldtianus subsp. juttae & A. trigynus adjusted and "rupicola" page removed.  Conservation Assessment page rewritten. Rotten Adro added. New page added for Software Tools Links. Other links pages tidied up with new links to: Cok Grootscholten's Album, Tylecodon Gallery, African Plants Database, Aluka Digital Herbarium, Plant Conservation & Trade Organisations, Cultivar Naming Code, Bot. Artist's Soc., Dictionary of Botanical Epithets, two more Photo Travelogues and new Vegetation & Plant List Books. Literature references updated. Broken external links repaired.
20 Feb 2005 Illustrated article by the late Bryan Makin about White Adromischus added from Prickly Paragraphs (1987). For fun, a new Identification Quiz is included. Variation map of A. marianiae, link to type illustration of A. hemisphaericus, another monstrose growth and another seedling photo showing the single cotyledon all added. Home page zip file replaced with an obscure Adro description in words. New links: Cotyledon & Tylecodon book, on-line botanical books, ePIC search across Kew's major databases, SA conservation programmes, SA photo travelogues, EU wildlife trade regulations & SA history. Broken external links repaired.
14 Mar 2004 Two new taxa added: A. liebenbergii subsp. orientalis & A. cristatus var. mzimvubuensis. New photos added and text updated for A. cristatus var. zeyheri. Extra page added about my continuing search for A. mamillaris. New photos added to hybrids and acknowledgements pages. More links: CocozzaCollection, Angiosperm Phylogeny Website, Genustor horticultural societies list, SAsucculents Yahoo Group, DIVA-GIS, Global Strategy for Plant Conservation, TRANSLAT, 1stweather, Namibian Environmental Atlas & Accommodation, Geonames & Vegetation Map. Broken external links repaired.
18 May 2003 Full list of over 250 Adromischus literature references added, plus more photos from Bryan Makin: a natural hybrid, more monstrose growth, another example of variation and a seedling. Bryophyllum web site linked.
4 May 2003 Because they are now rarely seen, two illustrated articles by the late Bryan Makin added (with permission) from the obscure magazine "Cactulent, Official Bulletin of the London Cactus Club", about A. hemisphaericus and A. leucophyllus.
20 Apr 2003 Author abbreviations updated throughout to match IPNI; new link to A. caryophyllaceus picture in the Fernkloof Nature Reserve; original picture of A. juttae added; references to two other pictures added on the FAQs - Cristates page; links for succulent stamps added on FAQs - South Africans page; Namaqualand Tourism, Ananzi and government portal links added to SA Links page; plus a whole new page added for general Plant Links.
9 Mar 2003 Variegated Adromischus and leaf propagation photographs added thanks to Harry Chi-king Mak; link to Crassulaceae volume of IHOSP added and two more book references added to C&S Links.
12 Feb 2003 Habitat photos of A. umbraticola subsp. ramosus from Ernst van Jaarsveld and this What's New page added.
1 Feb 2003 First version released for testing.

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