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5. Are South Africans aware of Adromischus?

While South Africans are aware that their country has a wonderful flora, few are interested in growing pot plants, let alone succulents. The main Botanical Society supports the national network of SANBI botanical gardens where a few species of Adromischus are grown. A substantial collection of Adromischus was cultivated in the early 1990's at the Jo'burg Botanical Garden/Park by Emmarentia Dam. There is also a society to support amateur succulent growers, called the Succulent Society of South Africa.

Farmers might know their local Adro's as "Kleinplakkies", smaller relatives of Cotyledon species "Plakkies".

Adromischus marianiae herrei

Adromischus marianiae herrei RSA stamp

The diminutive A. marianiae "herrei" (left) in a 2" (5 cm.) pot, as featured on this Republic of South Africa stamp, painted by Hein Botha in 1988, one of the 5th definite issue illustrating succulent plants.

In the early 1990's, a delightful set of South African stamps featured succulent plants. One of the best Adro's was featured, but on a reel stamp with very low face value. Thus it probably did not get widely used and may not have raised the status of Adro's much!

A poor drawing of A. umbraticola (as A. saxicola) appeared on a 50c Mexican stamp in 2000.

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