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Section: 1 Adromischus

See also the typical subsp. liebenbergii.

Ciskei and Transkei.

This subspecies has pale grey-green flat leaves, sometimes with fine darker markings, but without a noticeable petiole, nor with a mucro at the leaf apex. Small, whitish flowers.

Easy, but not very exciting horticulturally.

This was referenced under A. bicolor from herbarium material by Tölken (1985) who was "uncertain whether one is dealing with only one species". It has now been described in Aloe 40(2):38 (2003) as a subspecies under A. liebenbergii by Ernst van Jaarsveld. This linkage is suggested by two connecting collections i.e. M.B. Bayer 3685 (NBG!) from W. Rietbron and J. Lavranos s.n. from Klaarstroom. 

While only plants from the lower Bashee River are cited in the description, Adromischus Section 1 has been recorded from the Eastern Cape by a number of people and these are probably all one variable taxon, all with small whitish flowers e.g. Flanagan 1113 (BOL!, SAM!).

Adromischus liebenbergii orientalis
High up on dolerite SE. Cathcart, Adro. Section 1, presumably  A. liebenbergii subsp. orientalis.

Adromischus liebenbergii orientalis
A. Sect. 1 collected by Charles Craib, SE. Cathcart.

Groot Kei Rivier cliffs
Cliffs near the Groot Keirivier, E. Cape - photographs by Ernst van Jaarsveld.

Adromischus liebenbergii orientalis

Adromischus liebenbergii orientalis
Probably A. liebenbergii subsp. orientalis growing on
the farm Keibolo in the Kei Valley.

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