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1. About Adromischus Plants

Adromischus Literature


The Cactus File Handbook 3: Adromischus 1998 by John Pilbeam, Chris Rodgerson & Derek Tribble
The most comprehensive publication about Adromischus with descriptions, cultural advice, list of all published names, collector's numbers, etc. It contains a different set of photographs to this web site. Strongly recommended and excellent value for the price! You can buy it on-line directly from the publisher by following this link.

The Cactus File series of handbooks was published by Roger Labbett at Cirio Publishing Services Ltd., Southampton, UK. ISBN 0 9528302 3 X (hardbound), ISBN 0 9528302 4 8 (softbound). 104 pp. 165 x 235 mm. (1998). Illustrated with 109 colour photographs and 56 distribution maps.

The Adromischus Handbook
Tölken's Revision in Bothalia 1978
Bothalia is a South African journal devoted to botanical science, published by the
SANBI in Pretoria. H. R. Tölken published a revision of Adromischus (and a new genus Tylecodon), as a precursor to the FSA, in Bothalia 12:3 pp. 377-393 (1978).

It contains an interesting discussion about sections and the importance of floral characters.

Tölken's Review in Flora of Southern Africa (FSA) 1985
In Vol. 14 (hard- or soft-back), H. R. Tölken reviews the Crassulaceae in southern Africa, published by
SANBI. It provides two keys for Adromischus: one based on vegetative material and another on complete material.
Social Media
  • There is more than one Adromischus group on Facebook: Adromischus Public Group; Planet Adromischus Public Group. Register to read or contribute, otherwise closed. 
  • The BCSS Forum supports an active, on-line, discussion group about cacti & succulents in general, including photo attachments. Open threads that interest you from the subject list. Anyone can read, but register to contribute. 
Internet Web Sites


Chris Rodgerson's Cono web site contains many hundred of wonderful Adromischus habitat photos.

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