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2. About Cacti and Other Succulent Plants

Membership Societies For meetings and journals (in English) with the latest information about succulent plants, join a Society:
Recommended Books
  • Cotyledon and Tylecodon
    by Ernst van Jaarsveld and Daryl Koutnik, is the first account to cover these closely related genera. Each species is described and illustrated with watercolour paintings and habitat photographs. The book covers their adaptation to arid environments, distribution, cultivation and ethnic uses, a historical review of botanical exploration and keys to simplify identification. Published by Umdaus Press, Pretoria (2004), 152 pages, hardcover ISBN: 1919766324.
Cotyledon & Tylecodon Book
  • Namaqualand, a Succulent Desert
    Coffee-table" book presenting the flora of Namaqualand, scientifically accurate and up-to-date, by R. Cowling & S. Pierce, Fernwood Press (1999), 155 pages, hardcover ISBN: 1874950415. Good value!
  • Richtersveld, the Enchanted Wilderness
    Another "coffee-table" book presenting the flora & fauna of the Richtersveld, by G. Williamson, Umdaus Press (2000), 258 pages, hardcover ISBN: 1919766170.
  • Succulents of South Africa, a Guide to Regional Diversity
    An excellent value guide book to succulents of South Africa by Ernst van Jaarsveld, Ben-Erik van Wyk, & Gideon Smith (2000), 144 pages, 155 colour photos, small colour paintings of 107 species, softbound ISBN: 0624038386.
  • Illustrated Handbook of Succulent Plants (IHOSP)
    This is an essential botanical reference, but contains few illustrations and requires a glossary! Editors: U. Eggli / H. Hartmann, in co-operation with the International Organisation for Succulent Plant Study (2001-2003). The Crassulaceae volume (ISBN 3-540-41965-9, hardcover) includes a compilation of all Adromischus taxa by Ernst van Jaarsveld (matching those of Tölken). The six volumes form a monumental (but expensive) reference work about over 9000 succulent plants, (excluding cacti). Publisher: Springer-Verlag, Plant Sciences Subdiscipline.
Internet Web Sites
  • The Cactus Mall
    The Cactus and Succulent Plant Mall is a portal for all growers of cacti and succulents (C&S). It contains information on societies and suppliers of plants, seeds and literature, and much more. An indispensable and comprehensive gateway to Internet resources.

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