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14. Who is the author of these pages?

Derek Vautin Tribble
DT photographing Adro. hemisphaericus & Cono. turrigerum in habitat, South Africa 2007. Photo: Prof. Andy Young.

Born in 1952 at Southend-on-Sea in Essex, England, Derek Tribble currently lives in Highgate, London. He worked in the computer software industry (including Intranet publishing), but has now retired.

He has been growing cacti and succulents as an amateur since teenage years. His passion is now growing and studying South African leaf succulents, after fifteen visits to photograph these plants in nature. Several new taxa have been found, including Tylecodon tribblei van Jaarsveld. As well as Adromischus, he maintains private study collections of Anacampseros, Avonia, Bulbine, Crassula, Haworthia and Tylecodon.

Derek has been a member of the British Cactus and Succulent Society for over 40 years and is chairman of Harrow Branch. For the Haworthia Society, after five years as chairman, he is now a honorary vice-president.

As well as co-authoring the Adromischus Handbook, he helped to write the cactus and Mesemb sections in the three-volume RHS Dictionary of Gardening and has contributed towards Crassulas - a Grower's Guide by Gordon Rowley.

He has given over 400 talks for specialist cactus and succulent plant societies, at regular meetings and special events. Highlights include speaking to the CSSA Convention in Las Vegas in 1999 and the RHS "Flowers from the Cape" seminar in 2003. He long ago qualified as a cactus and succulent plant show judge and has lectured at the BCSS Judge's Course.

Does anybody want to hear a slide show presentation about Adromischus? I can also present talks about SA Aloes, Anacampseros, Bulbine, Conophytum, Crassula, Gasteria, Haworthia, Tylecodon, succulent Compositae, succulent Geraniaceae and many SA travelogues (in English only!).

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2007 Derek Tribble, London, UK