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C.A. Smith, subcompressus p.p. Poelln., calico hearts plant, bontplakkie)
Section: 2 Boreali.

Widespread on rocky ridges in the Upper Karoo.


Similar to A. schuldtianus, but with
broader, orbicular, usually spotted leaves with a  horny margin right around the flattened leaves, according to Tölken. It has very short stems emerging from a large tuberous rootstock.

All Section 2 species are from the dry, nominally summer-rainfall interior. A. trigynus is compact and relatively slow growing.


Plants from around Pofadder which were referred here by 
Tölken are now included under A. schuldtianus subsp. juttae.

Often grown mis-labelled as A. maculatusSince this has highly variable in leaf markings and colour, it is worth collecting many forms.

A distinctive, small, almost-twiggy form from the southern edge of the distribution area is mentioned in the literature as A. kitchingii n.n.

Adromischus trigynus
Near Griekwastad (Klaarwater), the type locality for A. trigynus.

Adromischus trigynus
A. trigynus, N. Danielskuil, deep in the shadow of bushes.

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