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Section: 2 Boreali

See also A. schuldtianus subsp. schuldtianus and subsp. brandbergensis.

Originally described from the Karasberge, SE. Namibia. Now plants in N. Bushmanland in the N. Cape are included.
 There is a continuum of scattered populations N-S. across the Orange River nearly as far inland as Upington.

The leaves show much variation between each isolated population. The original description called for leaves larger
than the typical subsp. but usually they are smaller, narrower  with a pointed leaf tip. There is often a wavy, horny margin around at least the upper half.

In his identification keys, Tölken
differentiated this subsp. by longer, sparsely branched stems, 40-80(-100) mm long, even though the original description said "up to 7 cm high" (and may well have included leaves).

A wider application of this name is now made here including plants around Pofadder (mentioned by Tölken under A. trigynus).  Field searches S. of the Karasberge have revealed only short stemmed plants up to 1” long, even when growing in shaded rock cracks. Some long stemmed plants were seen close to Keimoes, near the Orange River.

However, be cautious about writing the name subsp. juttae on your labels - it is hardly worth separating from A. schuldtianus.

Adromischus schuldtianus juttae
The original illustration by von Poellnitz in Kakteenkunde (1939) p. 52.

Adromischus schuldtianus juttae
Multiple clones of A. schuldtianus subsp. juttae SH 473/87 from Maraisvlei, NE. Pofadder.

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