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(A. mammillaris - in error)
Section: 4 Incisilobati

Calitzdorp / Oudtshoorn Karoo.

Terete, fusiform leaves with an elongated, stout stem. Horny margin less than the width of leaves.

Still rare in cultivation (one clone distributed as A. procurvus). Newer samples are vigorous and attractive.

Adromischus mamillaris
A. mamillaris ?, Liebenberg 6159, W. Calitzdorp.
Despite searching, I have never found plants like this in the veld. Section 4 species are not well separated and this may merge with A. triflorus. But see this extra page about my search in 2003 ...

There has been disagreement about how to spell this name. The dictionaries that I have checked are equivocal. Stearn "Botanical Latin" (1983), third edition, revised, gives mamilla for nipple, but other Latin dictionaries give mammilla, and Jackson "Glossary of Botanic Terms" (1949) allows both spellings. Uitewaal changed Jacobsen's initial spelling from one 'm' in Desert Plant Life and Jacobsen accepted A. mammillaris in his later publications. In our Handbook, we reverted to the original A. mamillaris, with one 'm', as instructed by the ICBN.

I have added a cautionary "?" to the photo caption because Tölken cites Liebenberg 6159 as A. triflorus in FSA.

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