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7. How should I cultivate Adromischus?

As succulents go, Adromischus cultivation is quite easy. Most are tolerant plants. Sections 1, 3, 4 & 5 (A. subviridis) are generally larger growing and more lusty than sections 2, 3 (A. nanus) & 5 which grow in more arid places. The advice here assumes that the reader is familiar with cultivation of cacti and succulent plants in general, so that it can concentrate on the special needs of Adro's.

The larger species typically grow under bushes. They are quite greedy feeders and need repotting regularly (2-3 years). Their fine roots do well in a combination of a loam-based potting mix (UK growers: mix grit with John Innes Potting Compost No. 3) and plastic pots, but they can also be grown well in any free-draining mix. Do not be afraid to prune them - this will encourage more shoots from the rootstock.

The smaller species need more caution (neglect?) - if in doubt, do not water or repot. They appear happy even when pot-bound and perhaps this reflects their natural habitat - typically between rocks.

It is usually recommended to maintain succulents above freezing temperatures. However, I have no experience of Adromischus survival below this. I would expect
A. trigynus and A. umbraticola from the interior of Southern Africa to experience frosts nightly in winter, but never during daytimes.

Adromischus greenhouse
Most of my Adromischus collection in the mid-1990's. Each plant has its own square plastic pot for individual attention, standing in larger seed trays. The bubble polythene provided insulation in winter and shading in summer.

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