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Section: 5 Longipedunculati

See also marianiae, antidorcadum, hallii, herrei, immaculatus, kubusensis, Little Spheroid and Tanqua.

S. Namibia. Originally reported from the Diamond Area No.1.

This has terete, chalky, mottled reddish-brown, grey-green leaves with a rounded tip. The horny margin is often not visible at the tip. With age, long upright stems develop.

Difficult to grow and very easily rotted in the UK. Do not remove leaves for propagation in winter!

Adromischus marianiae "geyeri"
First ever photograph? A. marianiae "geyeri", by Ernst van Jaarsveld, outside the Sperrgebiet, SE. Rosh Pinah, S. Namibia.
Previously, I doubted the existence of this form and
assumed that the name best belonged to A. marianiae plants from the western Knersvlakte.

However, when Ernst van Jaarsveld photographed these plants from the Lorelei area in southern Namibia, they could not be A. filicaulis var. filicaulis because of the colouring and rounded tips. He has since shown me the plants in habitat. They definitely resemble the original "A. geyeri" and may replace A. filicaulis ecologically in Namibia. It was already known that A. marianiae mimics A. filicaulis in the Botterkloof area - see the example in the quiz..

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