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(A. marianae in error)
Section: 5 Longipedunculati

This complex species is everybody's favourite! It is divided into eight taxa of undecided rank here, that are represented by multiple, discrete field populations: marianiae, antidorcadum, geyeri, hallii, herrei, immaculatus, kubusensis, Little Spheroid and Tanqua. The next page gives a distribution map for the whole species, published when Tölken merged eleven species into one.

Foothills of the Cederberg around Clanwilliam.

The typical variety usually has grey to reddish darker markings along the leaves and resembles the dead twigs of surrounding bushes. It has the longest margin along the top edge of each leaf of any A. marianiae variety.

Adromischus marianiae / marianae
Adromischus marianiae in the shadow of bushes, west of Clanwilliam.
This is not easy. It is difficult to grow large specimens (but it can be done - see
this!), since the tuberous roots rot eventually in older specimens. Best restarted from cutting periodically.

This species is highly variable, but every clone is distinct! You will want to grow more than one sample.

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